About RaceandPoverty.org

RaceAndPoverty.org is a digital outreach and organization web community that convenes stakeholders and decision-makers in policy issues around race and poverty, sharing news, fostering collaboration and promoting the work of social justice organizations, volunteers, and donors. If we are to transform America into a land of integration premised on equal dignity and opportunity, we must accelerate the pace of information sharing so that the best ideas about how to bridge our social and economic divides can rise to prominence and come into practice.

Running on ClusterSite technology, RaceandPoverty.org will serve as a main hub to syndicate and share content across a network of organizations working to bridge economic, social and racial divide.  The content is identified and written by those performing social justice work and aimed at a public audience of those concerned about racial and economic parity.

RaceAndPoverty.org is a project of The Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Inc. (CLCCRUL), in partnership with Chicago-based software development and professional services company Openhill. RaceAndPoverty.org is made possible through substantial in-kind support from LetsConnectChicago, a civic initiative started by OpenhillIBM, the City of Chicago and Monar Consulting with a goal of bringing Chicago closer together.